Are You A Douchebag Ad

LA Weekly Ad: Copywriting and Design
This ad received a lot of buzz after is was featured on Copyranter: “…by acknowledging that Vegas is Douchebag ground zero—even if it is satirically—the ad instantly appeals to an ad-weary audience.

It was also in Copyranter’s list of “Stuff I’ve reluctantly liked in the last 3 years”

It was also deemed “Lowbrow Brilliant” on New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix.

VH1’s Best Week Ever called it an “amazing new ad campaign.”

Adfreak said : “… props to the creatives who got this idea through to execution.

Las Vegas Magazine Ad: Copywriting and Design

Vegas Magazine Ad: Copywriting and Design 23/7 Ad

LA Weekly Ad Series 23/7: Copywriting and Design
I did a series of these ads, featuring the asterisk copy detailing what you did with your missing hour. These promo codes had great success. 2007 Holiday Card

Holiday Card: Original Concept, Copywriting and Design
Card spins to point to various languages and reveals the respective translation of “Do Vegas Right.”
This card won a “Best Holiday Card of 2007” from the Las Vegas Review Journal. 

Las Vegas Wedding Coupon Book: Copywriting and Design

Moonboots: Show Flyer Design

Pony Farm Flyer

Pony Farm: Show Flyer Design

Crocodiles Flyer

Crocodiles: Show Flyer Design

The Donkeys Flyer

The Donkeys: Show Flyer Design

Rusty Maples: Show Flyer Design

Questival Flyer

Questival: Show Flyer Design

Moonboots: Show Flyer Design

Las Vegas Magazine Ad: Copywriting and Design Hoover Dam Ad

Las Vegas Magazine Ad: Copywriting and Design Direct Our Next Commercial Ad

Las Vegas Weekly Ad: Copywriting and Design SkyMall Cover

Skymall Cover: Art Direction
Photographer: Eric Jamison

Iron Orchard CD: Logo, Illustration and Design

Operation Glass Slipper Poster

Operation Glass Slipper ad: I do pro bono work for this great local charity, Las Vegas Prom Closet.

Last Action Hero Flyer: Design

Ricardo Laguna Poster: Design and Hand Lettering


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